Youth Finance

Hanging out with friends

As teens, we tend to hang out with our friends quite a lot, especially after a hard day of mugging in school. Most of the time, hanging out costs you money and in turn, impulsive spending might lead to poor saving habits.

Generally, food and entertainment comes to mind when hanging, hence here are some tips, to save you guys can save some money.

  • Set aside a pot of money to spend on food and entertainment, and stick with it
  • Dine at affordable places, or establishments that offer student meals, eg:
    1. Hot Tomato $9.50 (Steak and Pasta)/li>
    2. Eighteen chefs $6.40 set meal
    3. Fish and Co $9.50 Sets
    4. Saizeriya from prices as low as $3.90
    5. Good Ol’ Hawker Centers
  • When catching a movie, check for one for one promotions, eg: SAFRA Card, Credit card promotions.
  • Limit the amount of times you hang out per week

Entertainment Choices At Zero Cost!

There are also a number of things to do that doesn’t cost you money! Such as,

  • Hiking at the various national parks (Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Mount Faber…)
  • Volunteer at pet shelters (If you’re good with pets  )
  • Stroll at Changi Broadwalk

A quick google would show you the countless amount of things you can do, without the expense of your wallet!

However, even after cautiously planning the spending limit for the month, there are still chances
that the plan don’t work out and we have to fork out money from our savings.

The activities listed above can be done with friends, it’s not so much the activity but the company and the experiences gained together.

Until the next article! Happy Saving!!!!
The Youthfinance team.